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  • 1 Year 14.95 USD
  • 2 Years 54.00 USD
  • 3 Years 81.00 USD
  • 4 Years 108.00 USD
  • 5 Years 135.00 USD
  • 6 Years 162.00 USD
  • 7 Years 189.00 USD
  • 8 Years 216.00 USD
  • 9 Years 243.00 USD
  • 10 Years 270.00 USD

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Yes Details Are Individual .ws domain registrations allowed?

Yes Details Company or legal entities registrations allowed for .ws?

No Details Are there requirements, documents, or information needed for .ws?

Yes Details Are some .ws domain names restricted?

No Details Does .ws domain have a special use?

No Details Other information I need to know about .ws?

No Details Are there any additional fees for .ws?

No Details Do I need a trademark/brand name to register .ws?

No Details WHOIS Privacy service available?

Trustee / Proxy service offered? Fees? No Details

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