Whois Privacy Protection

Protect yourself from spam and identity theft!

Every registered domain name contains full name and contact information about its owner, which is available for everyone in the world to see. This is often referred to as WHOIS information. There are absolutely no restrictions on how many times or who is able to view it. This public information is often used by spammers, unsolicited advertising companies, domain hijacking, and your competitors to learn what you are doing.

In order to avoid this, we provide a WHOIS Privacy Service to shield your real information from public view. When you choose our WHOIS Privacy Service to make your WHOIS information private, your personal contact information will be replaced by Digital Privacy Corporation’s information. This will stop all unwanted emails from spammers and advertisers, yet will keep you in touch with potential customers and partners!

Our advanced email filtering system will recognize and stop spam, while forwarding legitimate emails and mail sent to you as the domain owner.

No Privacy

Without Privacy Protection

Your Company Name
Your Name
123 Your Address
Your City, CA 92101
United States
(213) 555-1234

With Privacy

With Privacy Protection

Digital Privacy Corporation
5858 Edison Place
C/O yourdomain.com
Carlsbad, CA 92008
United States
(760) 448-2392

We offer WHOIS Privacy Service on wide range of domain extensions and we continue to make the list longer every day by adding new domain extensions into our protection system. Our goal is to provide you with the most reliable and affordable domain privacy service available.

WHOIS Privacy will help you:

  • Keep your personal and family information private
  • Eliminate domain related spam
  • Prevent domain name hijacking
  • Block harassers and stalkers
  • End data mining
  • Shield legitimate business endeavors

Whois Privacy will protect:

  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • Your Email

Privacy FAQ

How much does the protection service cost?
WHOIS Privacy service is offered on a wide array of extensions. The price will vary, according to the extension procedures, regarding privacy activation, and if any promotional sale prices are active during the purchase of the domain registration. You can always see the price in your shopping cart, before going to the payment page.

How can I enable WHOIS privacy?
To enable WHOIS Privacy service for your domain name, you can either order it during the registration process of your domain, or add you can add it later to a registered domain as a service. After a successful activation of the service the privacy will be activated. You can always deactivate or reactivate it with a simple click from inside your account at 101domain.com.

Can I add privacy to my existing domain(s)?
Yes. You can easily add privacy service to any domain in supported extension.

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on “Domains” tab
  3. Click on a domain you wish to activate privacy for
  4. Scroll down to “PRIVATE REGISTRATION“
  5. Click on link “Disabled”
  6. Proceed to checkout

Your domain privacy service will be automatically activated up on successful payment.

How am I protected from SPAM?
Our partner, DigitalPrivacy.co uses advanced email filtering system which will recognize and stop spam, while forwarding legitimate emails sent to you as the domain owner. We also provide tools which allow each domain owner to reset the private email address assigned to their domain and create a new one, which will not be receiving anymore spam. This can be done as many times as the customer needs.

What should I do if I keep getting spam through private email address?
You can simply reset your private email address by disabling and re-enabling the privacy protection service.

How can I Enable/Disable my privacy protection service?
You can always Enable or Disable the service with a simple click from inside your account:

  1. Login to your 101domain account
  2. Click on Domains tab
  3. Click on the domain you wish to disable/enable the service for
  4. Scroll down to “PRIVATE REGISTRATION”
  5. Click on Disabled/Enabled to proceed.

Do I still have ownership of my domain name?
Yes. The WHOIS Privacy service does not change the owner of the domain name it only protects your identity.

What information will be displayed for my domain name?
Instead of your personal information, whois servers will show the following:
Digital Privacy Corporation
5858 Edison Place
C/O yourdomain.com
Carlsbad, CA 92008
United States
(760) 448-2392